Source Sub-Admin No Longer Able to {Completely} Configure Approval on Access Profiles

We have decentralized some of the administration in IDN by using Source Sub-Admin capabilities. This configuration limits the capabilities to only the source they are a sub-admin for, which is GREAT! Part of what we want our source sub-admins to do is to set up and manage their own access profiles.

Previously they were able to configure an entire access profile themselves. Recently, there was a change introduced that will only let them pick Governance Groups that they are a member of in the approval configuration section of access profiles. This is making it so that they have to ask an ‘org admin’ to finish out their configuration for them. They are administrators of the source, not necessarily the approvers of the access.

We had opened a ticket and we are being told that this change was implemented on purpose.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with this or know why this would be the intended behavior of a sub-source admin? From our perspective, we are decentralizing the administration because we don’t have enough “org admins” to manage the day to day details of things like this, but with this change it’s bringing work back to us.

Hi Jill. Can you share the ticket number please?

@colin_mckibben CS0214141

This is also affecting us, this was reported to me the other day by some of our source sub-admins

@jroozeboom It looks like support is actively working on getting you a meeting with the product manager. They should be scheduling something soon.

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