Approval scheme list field missing error while creating roles using Bulk role importer tool


I am trying to create multiple roles using the Sailpoint Bulk role importer tool. The role gets created with approval details but when I add values in that column I am getting the following error.

ERROR : Create Role : Failure : Role Sample Role using Ruby10 could not be created, failed with message {“messages”:[{“localeOrigin”:“REQUEST”,“text”:“Required field "approvalScheme.approverType" was missing or empty.”,“locale”:“en-US”},{“localeOrigin”:“DEFAULT”,“text”:“Required field "approvalScheme.approverType" was missing or empty.”,“locale”:“en-US”}],“detailCode”:“400.1.0 Required data missing or empty”,“trackingId”:“947d1f9cc2c24a1fb623f030269f64e7”}

For my test data I used following data for creating it. first line are the columns and 2nd line is the data.

Command,Role Name,Description,Role Disabled,Role Owner,Access Profiles,entitlementsList,requestable,approvalSchemes,Required Denied Comments,requestCommentsRequired,revokeRequestApprovers List,tagList,segmentList
createRole,Sample Role using Ruby9,Creation of Role via Ruby9,FALSE,FirstName.Lastname,true,“manager”,true,true,

Can anyone please help what is missing here.

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