Account aggregation task is been getting failed

We have a custom Webservice connector deployed in the Sailpoint. And from last week the account aggregation task is been getting failed for the connector.

Below is the syslog for the error which we are getting during account aggregation run.

Can some one let us know what is causing the issue in the failure.

java.lang.RuntimeException: sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Url:, Message: <html lang="en"><head>    <title>Sorry</title></head><body><p>    Sorry, we had a problem, try again later!</p></body></html>, HTTP Error Code: 504
	at sailpoint.connector.webservices.v2.WebServiceFacadeV2$WebServiceIterator.hasNext(
	at sailpoint.connector.ConnectorProxy$CustomizingIterator.peek(
	at sailpoint.connector.ConnectorProxy$CustomizingIterator.hasNext(
	at sailpoint.api.Aggregator.aggregateAccounts(
	at sailpoint.api.Aggregator.primaryAccountAggregation(
	at sailpoint.api.Aggregator.aggregateApplication(
	at sailpoint.api.Aggregator.phaseAggregate(
	at sailpoint.api.Aggregator.execute(
	at sailpoint.task.ResourceIdentityScan.doUnpartitioned(
	at sailpoint.task.ResourceIdentityScan.execute(
	at sailpoint.api.TaskManager.runSync(
	at sailpoint.api.TaskManager.runSync(
	at sailpoint.scheduler.JobAdapter.execute(
	at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$
Caused by: sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Url:, Message: <html lang="en"><head>    <title>Sorry</title></head><body><p>    Sorry, we had a problem, try again later!</p></body></html>, HTTP Error Code: 504
	at sailpoint.connector.webservices.v2.WebServiceFacadeV2$WebServiceIterator.getIterator(
	at sailpoint.connector.webservices.v2.WebServiceFacadeV2$WebServiceIterator.hasNext(
	... 14 more
Caused by: connector.sdk.webservices.exception.WebServicesSdkException: <html lang="en"><head>    <title>Sorry</title></head><body><p>    Sorry, we had a problem, try again later!</p></body></html>
	at connector.sdk.webservices.ExecutionMediator.processEndpoint(
	at connector.sdk.webservices.ExecutionMediator$DefaultChildEndpointProcessor.process(
	at sailpoint.connector.webservices.v2.RequestOrchestratorV2$CustomChildEndpointProcessor.process(
	at connector.sdk.webservices.ExecutionMediator.processEndpoint(
	at sailpoint.connector.webservices.v2.WebServiceFacadeV2$WebServiceIterator.getIterator(
	... 15 more
Caused by: HttpException [url=, errorCode=504, getMessage()=<html lang="en"><head>    <title>Sorry</title></head><body><p>    Sorry, we had a problem, try again later!</p></body></html>, getCause()=null, responseHeaders={X-layer7-requestid=00000188aeb481f4-b7ea7f2, Keep-Alive=timeout=60, RNT-JN-Int-UUID=07687b60-6f63-44f6-b8d1-07e1dbb38c47, Server=Layer7-API-Gateway, RNT-JN-Int-Machine=42.3, Connection=keep-alive, Pragma=no-cache, RNT-GK-Machine=0.218, Date=Mon, 07 Aug 2023 20:13:35 GMT, RNT-JN-Ext-UUID=d4d83b34-150c-4f09-8b44-0b65e4e41307, Cache-Control=no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, RNT-JN-Ext-Machine=43.4, Expires=0, Content-Type=text/html}]
	at connector.common.http.client.impl.ApacheHttpClientWrapper.handleFailedRequest(
	at connector.common.http.client.impl.ApacheHttpClientWrapper.execute(
	at connector.common.http.client.HttpClientWrapper.execute(
	at connector.common.http.client.impl.ThrottledHttpClient.execute(
	at connector.sdk.webservices.ExecutionMediator.processEndpoint(
	... 19 more


Hi @pdjoshi ,

Please view this it also looks like same, the connector is expecting JSON response but error message is returning as HTML:

Hi @pdjoshi

Error 504 usually indicates Gateway Timeout. It indicates that the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from an upstream server it needed to access in order to complete the request. The error may be a temporary occurrence due to too much traffic toward the server or site.

See whether you are able to access this endpoint via Postman.

@Jarin_James - Yes I have check the same operation from the SOAP side and I am getting 200 response for the account aggregation (Output of the user account is showing up)

Hi @pdjoshi

Try printing the requestEndPoint in Webservice BeforeRule and AfterRule. It will give us a better idea on what we are sending (including headers,body) and what we are receiving. This will help to compare the data being send and received with the expected data.

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