Azure AD Group aggregation errors

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

Share all details related to your problem, including any error messages you may have received.


I connected my Identityiq using AZURE AD.

Testing the connection everything is ok

When I try to aggregate group (bring the Azure groups to sailpoint ) I have some errors

I already give in the portal all the necessary permissions

i have the error

“Exception during aggregation of Object Type ServicePrincipal on Application Microsoft Entra. Reason: sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Exception occurred in Iterate Objects. Error message - Exception occurred in processReadRequest. Error - Remote host terminated the handshake”

Do you see anything on the firewall? It seems like network issue for me.

Hello @kjakubiak
When I test connection everything is ok and I Have connection

Hi @RIsidoro

try this:
Add these extra permissions to the APP reg:

And that one (if the previous one didn’t work):
Remove the following attributes from the account schema:

  • riskLevel
  • riskState
  • riskDetai

Boa Tarde ricardo!
Parece que tem alguma coisa derrubando a conexão ou problema de rede.
tentou dar uma olhada nisso? talvez pelo tempo de conexão maior.

Hey Ricardo can tou take a look into the network?


Check if this one helps :

if you test connection is working , i would say execute the graphql API for server to see if you are able to fetch the data , so that you can rule out if any issue with connectivity .
Also this i have used in 7.3 . I think with recent newer version the API have changed.

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Thank you all.
I seems it was a connection problem between the sailpoint and *

Its seems its ok now

Thank you all

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