Why am I not getting an option of disable as well with delete option

Hi @Eram1,
Ootb Delimited type of application does not have disable operation

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Hi @Eram1,

This option depends on the connector type as well as LCM configuration in SailPoint IIQ. As @kavindar_sharma mentioned Delimited Connector doesn’t support disable operation.

Additionally you can even control this settings from
Gear Icon -> Lifecycle Manager -> Scroll Down to Manage Accounts Option

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Please tell me how should I add an option of disable?

See this is what I am getting sir.
Please tell me what should I do to add an option of disable as well

Hi @Eram1,

For Delimited Application you won’t be able to see the Disable operation in Manage Accounts. For other types of Application like JDBC, Webservices, AD etc. you will be able to see that option.

Hello @Jarin_James,
Please give reply to me on this problem

Hi @Eram1,

Isn’t that issue resolved? If not please get the logs as well, to get better idea about the issue.

Hello @Jarin_James
Where can I get logs?

Hi @Eram1 ,

Close this thread by marking the appropriate answer as solution and continue on the other thread. Also share the logs. The logs will be in tomcat/logs folder. If you don’t have Sailpoint log get the catalina.out file when opening the application

Can you elaborate on what you mean with iiq console?
As you type it is looks like the IIQ UI (https://…/identityiq/…)
There is also a command-line utility called IIQ Console

For the latter (IIQ Console) is it possible to enable logging:

  • add the entry below in the log4j2.properties file:

If you are using the UI, than look at the places Jarin mentioned:

  • Tomcat/log folder, file: sailpoint.log
  • Tomcat/log folder, file: catalina.out

– Remold

The answer which worked in my case is, go to the debug page, go to that particular app in my case it is (Delimited file), add featuresString="DIRECT_PERMISSIONS, ENABLE, than restart the sailpoint.

The restart was not needed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad you found the answer.

– Remold

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