Webservices Connector - SOAP Pagination

Hi Team, question about pagination for Webservice connector, specifically SOAP: How does the web service connector handle authentication during paginated aggregations? Does it run the authentication call each time, or do it once and keep using it until the authentication is no longer valid?

The use case is: We are trying to integrate WebService SOAP based application to IDN, and we are facing issues with paging during aggregation process.
IDN source has Before operation and After operation rules in place, wherein the rules are developed to pull 50 records per call. During this process we are able to aggregate some accounts, but despite paging, the target system’s CPU utilization is very high resulting in connection failure and abrupt termination of aggregation process.

Is there any solution for this?

Hi Randall,

Web service pagination docs are located here. Since the target service is SOAP, are you using pass-through authentication? I’m not 100% sure on the details, but I believe pass-through auth will send the username/password for each request. Regardless, high CPU utilization on the target system doesn’t sound like something authentication would cause, unless authentication on this system is extremely expensive.

Does this high CPU utilization only occur when running the aggregation? Do other clients that use the SOAP service cause high CPU utilization? If your paginated calls are happening sequentially, I can’t imagine that would cause the SOAP service to fail. Are you executing the pagination in parallel? Check the logs on the target system to see how fast the requests are being made, how long each request takes to fulfill, and if it looks like they are being executed in parallel.

Thanks Colin, this was a question from Edgile on behalf of customer PPD, I’ve shared the forum link with them, and they should review and respond soon. Appreciate the quick response sir.

In the case of a No / Custom Authentication how would the system handle it? Say the custom authentication operation grabbed a token of some kind for subsequent calls to use?