WebService API special Characters and Space issue with Resource Mapping Object

Currently, we are facing an issue with the Special characters like umlaut and spaces from the source API. I am trying to map the resource mapping object which has the special characters and spaces, will the web service connector be enough to encode/decode automatically?. Because am not getting the values for those has special characters, Do we have any suggestion how to parse these would be more appreciated.

 "resMappingObj": {
                    "Personalnummer": "Personalnummer",
                    "Organisation": "Organisation",
                    "Austrittsdatum": "Austrittsdatum",
                    "Eintrittsdatum": "Eintrittsdatum",
                    "Stelle": "Stelle",
                    "Geburtsdatum": "Geburtsdatum",
                    "Nachname": "Nachname",
                    "EMail": "E-Mail geschäftlich",
                    "Vorname": "Vorname"

Looking for your suggestion as well, if you guys have any idea.


Shouldn’t the response mapping be mapping to specific fields in the json body? I don’t see why you would ever hard code values like you have. For example, it would normally look like the following:

"resMappingObj": {
    "lastName": "fields.lastName",
    "displayName": "fields.displayName",
    "id": "fields.id",
    "email": "fields.email"

@philip-ellis - Thanks for the hint!

I tried something like below to resolve the problem.

 "resMappingObj": {
                    "ExitDate": "$.['Exit date']",
                    "Organisation": "$.['Organisation']",
                    "PersonnelNumber": "$.['Personnel number']",
                    "Position": "$.['Position']",
                    "FirstName": "$.['First name']",
                    "BusinessEmail": "$.['Business e-mail']",           
                    "DataOfBirth": "$.['Date of birth']",
                    "EmployeeStatus": "$.['Employee Status']",
                    "EntryDate": "$.['Entry date']",
                    "Country": "$.['Location country position']",
                    "EmployeeID": "$.['ID Employee']",
                    "Surname": "$.['Surname']",