Upgrading from 8.2 to 8.4 Upgrade_tables Error

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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I am in the process of upgrading out SailPoint environment from version 8.2p5 to version 8.4p1. I was able to successfully get it upgraded to version 8.3, and then I got to the point of running the upgrade_identityiw_table script against our database for 8.4 and hit a snag.

  1. when I ran the script initially, it failed because the tables listed in there already existed so it errored out. I then went through the DB and verified those tables and value. After commenting out those that already existed, all of them, I then ran the script again and ran into my second issue:
  2. The password complexity does not meet the criteria. Looking at the upgrade_identityiq_tables script, it has a default, non-complex password in it. I did try updating this to a complex password but not when running the iiq upgrade command, I am getting “Unable to establish a connection to the database”. A quick Google and it looks like it may be that password. I checked if within the iiq if there is a password hard-coded but I dont see anywhere referencing it.
    Has anyone ran into this? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Alyson,
Did you created new identityiq_ah database?

WEB-IN\classes\iiq.properties should have the existing password if that is what you are looking for.

Yes, I confirmed this database was created, but I had to change the password to a random one as the default one in the Upgrade_identityiq_tables did not meet complexity.
I should mention we are using integrated security for our database.

I did try updating this to a complex password but not when running the iiq upgrade command > did you update this password in the iiq.properties file as well?

Can you advise where to put this?
We are using a database string with integrated security on the identityiq database so we do not have any passwords within the iiq properties.

I have hardcoded the username/password in the iiq properties file, but now when running it I get the below errors:
Invalid object name ‘spt_database_version’
Please run the upgrade_identityiq_tables.* script first.

The Upgrade_identityiq_tables has been ran multiple times (moreso due to it failing because something already existing) so working my way through the entirety of the script, it has all be ran.