This entitlement does not exist on the account

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Version 8.3

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Hi there,

When I was testing the assignment of entitlements to users, I noticed that certain entitlements on the Identity display a warning indication with the text “This entitlement does not exist on the account”, as seen in the attached photo. Certain identities have several entitlements that are repeated with the same warning.

Why is this warning being given? Is it possible to remove these entitlements?

What kind of Application is this, is this AD.

There might be two reasons for this, one is the Entitlement provisioning failed , means the account is not holding the entitlement is target but Still in SailPoint it is showing, this error will go away if you run aggregation.

The other reason here would be the entitlement might be already deleted at Target completely but in SailPoint user identity level , entitlement is still present at Attribute Assignments tag making them sticky Assignments.

Please go through this, you will find a code to clean such items

Sticky Attribute Assignment Issues in IIQ 8.1 - Compass (

There will be multiple Articles in compass explaining the Stick entitlements to help you understand much better, in short the reason for this is what I mentioned above.


This sign usually indicates that permission granted because of a role assignment (or direct access request) is only assigned on identity level but not on the link. Check provisioning transactions log to see if there are any errors for this identity in transactions which try to assign this entitlements

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in addition to what was mentioned by @iamksatish, I suggest you take a look at this topic, it may help you understand what is going on in the background and think of a workaround, or get some insights: