The entitlements are only aggregated with accounts


I’m unable to aggregate the entitlements type “role” for the Zoom Connector. They are only aggregated with the accounts.

Is it the expected behaviour ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi tima,

Double check the api token or credentials which you are using must have groups read scope. To read the groups.

Required Permissions


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Hi @sivakrishna_1993,

Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed, there is no issue with groups but with “Roles”. We only aggregate them by aggregating the accounts.


Hi ami,

I’m also facing same issue and not able to get roles with entitlement aggregation and I have accounts with roles but however, I’m not able to get roles after account aggregation.

Note: i have provided all group and user permissions from zoom sandbox.

Do we need to do any config changes ?

@saikumar39 you can check the schema if the roles have been marked as entitlement.only if marked and entitlement it ight work can try that once

The documentation doesn’t mention roles in the supported features, so is that something that’s supported?

Integrating SailPoint with Zoom

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Have you assigned the right permissions mentioned in the connector guide?

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Hello, The support confirmed that roles are not supported by the connector and they updated docs where roles were mentionned. Thus, the workaround could be to create a related schema. They will be aggregated with accounts.

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