IdentityNow Zoom Connector Multiple Group Aggregation Issue

Hi All,

Zoom connector from SailPoint has a limitation of aggregating only one group for a zoom user account. But, in our customer environment the Zoom user accounts have multiple groups, and this limitation affecting in the Certification Campaign for Zoom as it’s not able to show the entire group list for a user account.

We have reached out to SailPoint support and they agreed that this limitation is a known issue and will be implemented in future releases.

In the meantime, I would like to reach out to you all to see if anyone of you faced this issue in your IDN project and is there any custom workaround you have implemented to resolve this issue.

Please do let me know of any workaround for this issue. Thanks!



Welcome to the developer community @skumar.!

Connectors are how SailPoint communicates with source systems to aggregate and manage accounts. There really isn’t a workaround to this problem unless you want to implement your own Zoom connector using the web services connector. Did support give you an estimate on when this will be implemented?