SailPoint IdentityNow SECURITYGROUP object type

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I have been doing some research on Workday related connector. I found a OOTB connector called Workday Account connector (Integrating SailPoint with Workday Accounts) however it can only aggregate user based security groups. Since we have other security group types we need to aggregate and manage through SailPoint IdN - this connector is no longer considered.

However, under the "Aggregation of Security Group" section, it mentioned -

“The Workday Account source supports the aggregation of the security group as a group object.
The new security group schema containing the ID attribute is introduced to aggregate the security group. The object type is SecurityGroup.”

However, I was not able to retrieve “SecurityGroup” object type from the API endpoint (Screenshot below), couldn’t find any documentation around “SecurityGroup” object type as well. (SaaS Configuration | SailPoint Developer Community)

Can anyone help me to understand if we can import Workday security groups as objects to SailPoint IdN? And what should be the approach?

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Hello @Kelly this object you are referring to here would be classed in fact as an ‘ENTITLEMENT’ type object per the table linked (SaaS Configuration | SailPoint Developer Community) hence it would not be possible to import these via the sp-config API.

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