The beta/entitlements endpoint doesn't return the Cursor

Hi All,

The beta API documentation for the entitlements states that the endpoint will return the Slpt-Cursor in the response header, but I didn’t see it when I made the call. I tried with and without the filter but didn’t see Slpt-Cursor.

Did I miss anything?

Thank you,

@Sushantmrj I’m seeing the same behavior via a quick test in Postman, but most of my logic uses the offset/limit combination to loop through the objects in the Beta/V3 APIs. I believe this “cursor” is relatively new and only applies to this endpoint (or maybe a few others), but is definitely not the “standard” yet.

I investigated this with our engineering team and it turns out the cursor based pagination was deprecated last month without notice. Please read my announcement here: Cursor functionality for the Entitlements API has been deprecated.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and others.