Terminated users are listing in My team UI for managers

Terminated users are listing in My team UI for managers. Can anyone help to remove the terminated users in sailpoint my team UI.


This is a known issue.

A solution to this has been rolled out to sandbox tenants and will soon enough roll out to production environments as well, hang in there :slight_smile:

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Hi Sebastian,
Went through this solution. Looking for any other possible solution.

What you can do is to create a transform for the manager attribute in your Identity Profile that checks for Lifecycle States.

If user == terminated, return a dummy value like “No Manager” or null value/string (“”) on that attribute. This will disconnect the manager correlation to the identity.

We are doing this currently for our JDBC authoritative source, but this is probably not best practice.

Hi @Swegmann,

We might have recommended this prior to the Management of Inactive Identities feature. However, I think we can save everyone the work and recommend that you forgo solutions like this going forward. If the Management of Inactive Identities feature has an unmet need in this regard, comment on this announcement:

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Great, Thanks Kirby. Is this feature available in Production?

We have implemented a LCS called Dormant for inactive accounts >90 days for AD And AAD last login.The identity state is marked as inactive( Short-term) for Dormant LCS.
With the above feature counted, one of the manager reported that his total count(20) is Correct and the direct reportees(13) count is < total count.
But he has able to search the users with dormant status users(7) in the my team tab.
Is this working as expected? or Am i missing anything to check.

i believe Kirby is deploying this to production this week. you might even have it already!

Just rolled out in our production environment, sweet!

Yes, after i marked the terminated users to inactive long-term, problem solved. :slight_smile: