Snowflake & JDBC Connector Issue

I have views/table and I want to connect it to sailpoint to fetch roles and user info.
As snowflake connector has limitation. I am trying to connect snowflake using JDBC driver. But I am getting the following error:

[ ConnectorException ] [ Error details ] The server encountered an unexpected error while contacting target system during test configuration operation. Please check the logs. No suitable driver found for jdbc: snowflake://

I understand that the JDBC drive classes are missing even after uploading in connector. So, How can i solve it.
Or is there any other way to do it.

@pjatav similar issues was solved before, check below thread, hoping it will solve your issue.

Snowflake JDBC Driver class path - IdentityIQ (IIQ) - SailPoint Developer Community

Which IIQ version you have? You need to add jdbc driver to eother libs or connector-libs depending on your IIQ version.

We are using Saas. So I am not sure how can i access WEB-INF/lib folder and restart .

I’m affraid you cannot use JDBC connector to connect to SNOWFlake because it’s simply not supported DB - here is the list of jdbc drivers suported

The only way to connect to snowflake would be in this case to use SnowFlake connector directly - documentation available here

To add on to what @kjakubiak said, if the Snowflake connector has limitations that prevent you from using it, you can look into building a custom SaaS connector to meet the needs of your Snowflake instance. SaaS connectivity only works for SaaS hosted apps. if your Snowflake instance is hosted inside your company’s network, you can look into using the Web Services connector.