Exception trying to connect with Snowfalke using native connector

Hi expert,

We are congiring Snowflake connector using native connector, following the steps and requirements of the documentation: Integrating SailPoint with Snowflake.

Trying test connection, we are obtaining following error:

[21/11/23 10:14:59:996 CET] 000000cf SystemOut O 2023-11-21T10:14:59,996 WARN WebContainer : 4 openconnector.connector.snowflake.SnowflakeConnector:48 - IIQ CON_SNOWFLAKE_GET_PARTITION_BY_OLD_WAY value : false
[21/11/23 10:14:59:999 CET] 000000cf SystemOut O 2023-11-21T10:14:59,998 ERROR WebContainer : 4 openconnector.connector.snowflake.SnowflakeKeyPairUtil:148 - Exception in parseKey
org.bouncycastle.pkcs.PKCSException: unable to read encrypted data: 1.2.840.113549.1.5.3 not available: No installed provider supports this key: org.bouncycastle.jcajce.PBKDF1KeyWithParameters
at org.bouncycastle.pkcs.PKCS8EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo.decryptPrivateKeyInfo(Unknown Source) ~[connector-bundle-webservices.jar:8.2p4]
at openconnector.connector.snowflake.SnowflakeKeyPairUtil.parseKey(SnowflakeKeyPairUtil.java:138) [connector-bundle-webservices.jar:8.2p4]
at openconnector.connector.snowflake.SnowflakeKeyPairUtil.getJWTAuthToken(SnowflakeKeyPairUtil.java:63) [connector-bundle-webservices.jar:8.2p4]

Any idea about this error?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ismael,

There seems to be an issue with the private key.

Please take a good look at: Generating Keys for Snowflake

and make sure the entered passphrase in the application config is correct.

ā€“ Remold

You can also check if there are no whitespaces or enter by the end of the private key when you paste it.

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