Searchable Identity Attribute Value Not Populated


We are on IIQ 8.3 and have added a searchable Identity Attribute in IdentityExtended.hbm.xml and ran the DB update script. We also restarted IIQ. The value for this attribute is found in the Identity Cubes but when we go to Advanced Analytics there is no value populated in the search field. Is there some type of maintenance task or something that will populate the values for this searchable Identity Attribute?

Any tips appreciated!


Hi @chrisk

I am assuming that you have performed the identity mapping as well after creating the extended attributes in DB. Please share few screenshots by masking sensitive data to exactly understand the issue.

Hello, thanks for the reply!

The Identity Mapping is present -


In Advanced Analytics there is no value populated for search -


In the DB, the column is not populating with the values -


In the IdentityExtended.hbm.xml file, this is the new value -

	<property name="Country" type="string" length="50"

In ObjectConfig I see it as this -

  <ObjectAttribute displayName="Country" editMode="ReadOnly" name="Country" namedColumn="true" type="string">
    <AttributeSource name="Country">
        <Reference class="sailpoint.object.Application" id="8a2b89096487e0f3016784e355de9965" name="CORP HR"/>

In Identity Cube XML, the value is present like this and is coming from HR Application -

      <entry key="country" value="US"/>

I have done full Aggregations and Refreshes (with “Refresh Identity Attributes” checked) as well.

Thank you for any ideas you may have!!

Hi @chrisk

Can you check the AttributeMetaData for the attribute Country on that identity cube. This will show the source of the value.
One interesting thing I could see is the attribute country starts with lowercase on identity cube and in uppercase everywhere else. Ideally it would be better to start the attribute name in lowercase.


AttributeMetaData is as such -

    <AttributeMetaData attribute="Country" source="CORP HR:Country"/>

I fixed the lower case ‘country’ in the Identity Cube back to upper, I had been testing various changes and tried matching it to the DB column name which is lower case.

Thank you,

You’re going to need to run a full refresh of all identities with the “Refresh identity attributes” flag checked.

Searchable extension attributes are a weird hybrid in IIQ, because Hibernate doesn’t fully support writing to them. They’re populated by a sub-process of Identity Refresh, and they’re used only for searching.

One implication of this: If you use SQL to update the DB column directly, but the old value is still in the attributes XML, IIQ is still going to see the old value when it loads the Identity.


Worked with Expert Services on this and it ends up this is a bug that is now being tracked.
It has something to do with creating a new searchable attribute, the value can’t be capitalized. The temp workaround was to change to lowercase, but then that broke custom code that was referencing the value. Backed it out and will wait for a fix.

Thanks for the replies.

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