SailPoint Add-On to replace the use of RFC_READ_TABLE: SAP modules in a single instance

We are implementing the RFC update “SailPoint Add-On to replace the use of RFC_READ_TABLE”
Today we have SAP instances that have at least two different SAP modules, for example, we have an instance that has two modules in the same instance, according to our experts
SAP, if a program is applied to one instance, then all modules will be affected. In IdentityNow we have the “SAP HR” type connector to connect a module and another “Direct” type connector to
connect another module, both belong to the same SAP instance, but in IdentityNow connected by different connectors, as it has the function of “SAP HR” and the other of “SAP ECC”.


  • we must execute the “replace the use of RFC_READ_TABLE” procedure only once in this instance, correct?
  • In “Configuration Table For SAP…”, should we configure according to which IdentityNow connector “SAP Direct, for SAP ECC source” or “SAP HR, for SAP HR source”?
  • How should we proceed, given that for the same SAP instance we have two connectors in IdentityNow?

Documentation link: Configuration Table For SAP Direct

@thiagogosantanasi - We have the add-on replaced in our project. You need to have the service account added with respect to the connector type in the script. Script executes for the respective integration module based on the Int_Type attribute

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Hi, @uday_kilambiCTS. Thanks for your help.

So should I do the following?

Create only a single program “Z_CONFIGURE_SERVICEACCOUNT” in the SAP instance to activate the “AbapReportSE38.rtf” script and then I must open the program and enter the “Service User” and “Connector Type” for each module existing in the SAP instance?

In other words, if I have an instance with 4 modules, two of which have different connector types, then should I open the program twice and inform the service account and connector type each time?

Hi @thiagogosantanasi ,

I didn’t have a chance at how the SAP UI is when the script is executed. But, what I know from my discussion with our SAP team is, you need to provide the service user and connector type for each type of system that is integrated with IdentityNow. In your case, script should be executed as many times with the respective user and integration type combinations.

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Could you tell me if I should change the script stating the name of the service account in “”, or only when I execute the script via program?

Hi @thiagogosantanasi ,

I didn’t get this question, we need to replace the text with the service account we use for the integration before execution.


Thank you for your help.