Sailpoint to SAP Cloud BTP Connectivity

Hi All,

What is the process to connecrt Sailpoint to SAP Cloud BTP?

Basically I wanted to connect Sailpoinr to SAP Cloud based system to read the user associated groups from sailpoint for that I want build this connection. (Sailpoint -->SAP Cloud BTP)

I am kind of stuck here , please give some direction and input would helpful to move forward.


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Hi Krisheev! We are working on having a OOTB connector for SAP BTP Cockpit (not sure about the timeline), not sure if that fits your requirements. Meanwhile, if the right API’s are exposed by SAP, you could leverage the Webservice connector.


Thank you Lund.

I have contacted SAP and they informed me that I can integrate their SCIM API with Sailpoint.

Currently, I am in the process of obtaining information regarding the APIs and authentication methods.

My question is, what specific parameters do I need to request from SAP when making a call from Sailpoint to SAP SCIM? Is there any documentation available that outlines the process of integrating Sailpoint with the SAP SCIM API?


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