Run Full Source Aggregation Workflow

:spiral_notepad: Description Workflow template for running a Full Source Aggregation
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This workflow will trigger a Full source aggregation for a Source that has Delta Aggregation Enabled


You must have an Identity Now tenant with the Workflows feature enabled.


This workflows runs a scheduled full source aggregation for a source enabled for delta aggregation. It uses HTTP Request to disable delta aggregation, then run a full aggregation for the source and finally reinstate the delta aggregation flag to true.

Please modify:

  • The scheduled trigger time based on your needs.
  • The tenant name, client ID, secret and source ID in HTTP Request actions.
  • Add a Send Email action if an Admin notification is required.

Note: This HTTP Request URL will have to be modified once we receive a V3 or a BETA API replacement for loadAccounts CC API.

To learn how to download and install workflow files, please read this guide.
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