Revoke ServiceNow Admin Access

We need to revoke the admin access of the ServiceNow from IdentityNow , but we are not able to revoke them and it is throwing error insufficient privileges .
Do we need to any additional ACL (Access Control Lists) or permissions for the Service Account

I believe the connector doesn’t support it.

Hi Sharvari,

In the release note here (What's New in ServiceNow - Compass). Add / remove entitlement is listed as supported. Not sure which one is correct.

@Vince777 - that’s specifically the SaaS-based connector; the one @sharvari is referring to is the connector that relies on Virtual Appliances. Do you know which one you’re using?

I’m using the one relies on Virtual Appliances. The connector on the SNOW side is also indicating automated revocation is supported (!/store/application/611872574fcc82004f167d2ca310c792/).

The VA-based connector doesn’t support it - Supported Features

That said, you could build a custom workflow that makes an API call to the ServiceNow API to deactivate accounts when an identity changes lifecycle states. You should work with your ServiceNow team to figure out the right table names and calls to make, but here’s a starting point -!/reference/api/sandiego/rest/c_TableAPI#table-PATCH

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