IDN Permission issue

Hi Experts,

We have a loopback connector in place. Recently I revoked “Role Admin” permission for an user in IDN, However I dont see an event created for that per mission removal in IDN and also loopback is not drop the entitlement “Report Administrator” after aggregation. I tried after Identity refresh, but still same issue.

Can someone help in this issue.

Which connector is it? The SaaS loopback connector? Which version are you on? Are other operations processing as expected?


We are using SAAS Custom Connector, Version :

You’re quit a few versions behind, 2.0.0 was released recently that should address that issue amongst other improvements.

It’s a major update so you’d need to rebuild the source as well.


Thanks for your reply, actually we are using the same version in our sandbox and I see the operation working properly over there.

Could you help us understand why old version is not compatible with prod.

It’s possible that some of the operations are failing due to more complex data being present in your production environment compared to Sandbox. E.g an identity might have 60 associated accounts in production but only 10 in sandbox - this will heavily slow down some operations, at least in 1.2.1.
I haven’t used that version myself so wouldn’t be able to tell the exact reason.
Have you observed any errors or warnings when running the operation with sail conn logs tail running in the CLI?

I recommend contacting the author of this connector directly by replying to this colab post:

Hi all,

I recently released 2.1.1, 2.1.2 as a development version because I’m working on some improvements that need some testing. I’d be happy to look at whatever issue you’re experiencing so don’t hesitate to report them in the original thread.

Chat soon.

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