Manual entitlement revoke

Hi, I am looking for a workaround about entitlement revokes. The need is for have something like the Request Center, but for revoking. That is because at the initial phase, client wants to add and revoke entitlements from IDN, and lefting other layers like aprovals, roles or certifications for next phases.

I were looking for forms, is viable to do something like this using them, in conjuntion with worflows and the entitlement revoke API? Does anyone had a demand like this before?


Manager have the possibility to ask for the removal of Access Profile from “My Team” page. This request will then be visible in “My request” page in the request center with “Delete :”.

These request are configured using the Access Profile configuration regarding workflows, exactly like for the request to gain access :wink:

Hope it will help !

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Hi @alexandre_mazars ! Thanks for the response. The problem of manager asking removal is that he only can ask for roles or access profiles. We are being claimed the need to remove individual entitlements :melting_face:

Hello @jsosa,

Yes i know it…we also have some difficulties with this and the fact that we are missing the possibility for an admin or a security officier to ask for this removal in IdentityNow…

If you’re finding a solution, i’ll be interrested in having it :wink:

Hello @jsosa , I believe forms are currently not available in Request Center (though it’s an upcoming feature - not sure about timeline though). When it comes, as you said, you can use it as a start point and then attach it to a workflow to handle the entitlement revocation.

Another solution could be, might be time consuming but worth trying if it fits your timeline, wherein you configure an external request form outside IDN (like in ServiceNow) and let that external request form call IDN Access Request APIs for entitlement revocation.
Since you have full control in customizing form, you can make it as user friendly as possible.


Hi @gauravsajwan1 thanks for response!

We had a session with Sailpoint and it is actual threated as an idea. I just received an email that it passed to discovery status.

That is right. I cannot recall where I saw or heard this, but forms availability on Request Center has been requested by most customers so I believe it will be coming up soon (again not sure on timeline).

You may ask your CSM for the same, the more push from customers will help it bring up! :slight_smile:

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