Best practices for retiring a ServiceNow integration

We are planning to retire a ServiceNow integration from our IDN implementation. The following operations are configured in this integration.

  • Aggregation
  • Role based access provisioning
  • Account updates
  • Account disable & enable
  • Test connection

We are expecting to remove the integration completely along with the correlated accounts.

What are the recommended steps to perform this decommissioning in IdentityNow?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @manoj_badhri_lseg , can you please share which SNOW integration you are referring here?

There are currently 3 types of ServiceNow integrations available in IDN,

  • ServiceNow Governance
  • ServiceNow SDIM
  • ServiceNow Service Catalog

Hi Gaurav,

Its ServiceNow Governance integration.

Assuming the ServiceNow account management will be taken care off by some different process once IdentityNow offboards the ServiceNow Governance connector.
In that case, you can do following things:

  1. Disable Create Profile and Attribute Sync on ServiceNow source - this is to prevent any provisioning updates going from IdentityNow to ServiceNow.
  2. Reset ServiceNow source - this will ensure all ServiceNow accounts are de-linked from respective identities.
  3. Disable all ServiceNow roles/access profiles in IdentityNow - this ensures there is no automated ServiceNow provisioning events going from IdentityNow.
  4. Delete all ServiceNow roles/access profiles in IdentityNow.
  5. Delete ServiceNow source.

All the best!


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