Request ID based tracking for Access Requests

How does IdentityNow indexes access requests internally, does it internally implement a request id. Could we access request id using API for tracking and reporting.

Currently we do it using requestedFor and requestedItem in conjunction with createDate.


Hi Shashi,

A successful POST to /v3/access-requests returns a 202 with no content in the response body. This means there is no access request ID that can be tracked via the API. In order to see the status of a submitted access request, your method is correct. You will need to invoke the /beta/access-request-status endpoint and provide the requestedFor and possibly requestedBy query parameters to get a list of access requests for a given identity. You can then inspect the response body to filter the results to what you are looking for by comparing the createdDate, requestType, and name of the requested item. Once you find a match, you can then look at the status field in the response to see the status of a given access request.

This isn’t a good user experience. We should be providing a request status ID in the response of POST /v3/access-requests, and provide an endpoint that allows for searching the status of a given access request. I’m going to submit this to engineering to provide a better solution to your problem.

In the meantime, please upvote this idea so it gets more traction.


Has a solution for capturing the requestId been identified?

Is this on Roadmap. It is important and basic feature in any Access Request system to track requests by user Id rather than going through all request and sorting and other immature technique.

The Request Id is captured internally I guess long event id. That should be available when req is submitted and an API to search request by request id

Product is working on fitting this into the roadmap. It is recognized as a highly requested feature on the ideas portal. Please upvote so it gets more priority behind it.

Is there any update on this or likely time frame for delivery of this functionality? we’re currently attempting to integrate Jira service desk into IDN and this would make our lives a lot easier.