Access Request Tracking using API

Hello Everyone,

When we create a access request in IDN using API /v3/access-requests [POST], we dont get the access request id or accountactivityid in response.

  1. On submission of the access request using /v3/access-requests [POST], what is its use of “SLPT-Request-ID” response header. ?
  2. What is the best way to track the status of the the access request using the APIs as we dont have the access request id?
  3. There are a couple of APIs for checking the status
    /V3/Access-requeststatus & /v3/account-activities/:id . Which one to use in which scenario?

Looking forward for a response.


There are a couple of ways, both requiring filtering on the client side.

The method we often use is to call the list-access-request-status API endpoint, using the requested-for query parameter populated with the identity Id, and using the -created value for the sorters query parameter.

Then you’ll have to filter the response array, the name property matches the name of the access that was requested, and the state property tells you the status of the access request.

If you want to drill further, the accessRequestId property is the account activity Id


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