"Referenced object not found" by External Trigger in Workflow

Hi SailPoint Developer Community,

We’re implementing a workflow that basically processes a couple of HTTP Request actions.
However, the first action fails and shows a "400.1.404 Referenced object not found" error message and the following details: Referenced RequestedFor Identity/Identities $.trigger.requestedFor was/were not found.

The JSON object we’re using as input while testing is this:

	"requestedFor": "<anIdentityID>",
	"requestedItemId": "<anEntitlementID>",
	"comment": "<someText>"

According to the Triggers - SailPoint Identity Services page, we can reference the input to the External Trigger like this:


So we have the following JSON in the Request Body section of the HTTP Request action:


Previously we were able to process the HTTP Request action with hardcoded JSON in the Request Body section:

	"requestType": "GRANT_ACCESS",
	"requestedFor": [
	"requestedItems": [
			"comment": "REQ2023.02.02_09.09",
			"id": "a135...3abf",
			"type": "ENTITLEMENT"

Is there some misconfiguration or something else that’s missing from our Action node?

Thank you for your help.

use inline variables. You can reference them with {{variablename}}, for example, {{$.trigger.requestedFor}} .

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Thanks a lot Hector, now I can see the values and the workflow runs successfully!