Referenced Entitlement Not Found

We are enabling Access Request operations from ServiceNow using the IdN /beta/entitlements and /v3/access-request APIs to create Entitlement GRANT_ACCESS requests within IdN. We first lookup the Identity and Entitlement to find the IDs and then POST them to the API:


However, the response we get back is that the Entitlement cannot be found:

The Entitlement is Requestable, is available in the Request Center, and access requests there are successful. Other Entitlements are also succeeding through the API route. Has anybody else seen this behavior?


Is it a newly added Entitlement? Sometimes it can take some time for it to pop up in the API.

Can you find the entitlement via API?


It is not a newly added entitlement. It has been marked as request-able for a few weeks and can be found in the beta/entitlements API as well. Any other ideas?

Hi @justinrhaines,

Can you open the browser’s developer tool (press F12 in chrome) and see the payload being passed when you submit the request from the UI, just to make sure that you are not missing anything in your Postman call.