Reassign workgroup membership when a user leaves the organization or we want to reassign member from all his groups

good Morning, i have been going through the reassign governance group owner workflow but we have a requirement where their are more than 1500+ governance group and if the governance group member is leaving the org it should create a campaign to users manager saying this user is leaving and he is a member of the listed governance groups and with whom you want to replace him and it should replace him with that new user.

the workflow i got is this but it doesn’t have forms integrated to it and what should be the change
(colab-workflows/workflows/reassign-object-owners/ReassignGovernanceGroups.json at 1a32cc98f1dce9a165796e92c964021f6a22ab0a · sailpoint-oss/colab-workflows · GitHub)

do we already have a workflow with these requirement’s ?

@colin_mckibben @jesvin90 can we have some suggestions from any ISC ambassador ? thanks you

The main workflow (colab-workflows/workflows/reassign-object-owners/ObjectOwnerReassignment.json at 1a32cc98f1dce9a165796e92c964021f6a22ab0a · sailpoint-oss/colab-workflows · GitHub) has the form that will allow the manager to pick a new owner. This main workflow, by default, will invoke the other child workflows to reassign sources, roles, etc. If you only want to reassign governance groups, then all you need to do is delete the actions that reassign sources, roles, etc, but leave the governance group action.

we tested the governance group owner reassignment and it works. our requirement is to replace governance group members who have left the organization with new member(s) ?
how do we go by doing this ?

You can use the add/remove APIs to update the governance group membership list.