Ability to create exceptions list for executive leadership access requests

I recently implemented access requests via roles and applications for users to submit requests via sailpoint. However, I would like to create two exeptions rules and achieve the following expected behavior:

  • Executive leadership members access requests via sailpoint should be pre-approved if submitted by any one of them or redirected towards a governance group for approvals.
  • Managers who report under executive leadership have any of their requests redirected to a team or governance group for approvals.

So far, I have not been able to find any feature in sailpoint that allows this outcome/expected behavior. I was able to look into work reassignment but the purpose of that is when a user is on vacation.

Can someone point towards the right direction to achieve these exception rules?

Hi Shajedul,
Have you checked the Workflow section of IdentityNow. Adding link for more details
Workflow Steps and Definitions - SailPoint Identity Services

Yes, unfortunately, we do not have that service currently enabled.

We used the work reassignment to permanently reassign approvals intended for executives to a trusted delegate.

Yes. That looks like what we would have to do too. If it could be routed to a governance group, would be really ideal.

This sounds like a good idea for work reassignment. Can you please submit an idea for it?

https://ideas.sailpoint.com/ideas/GOV-I-2828 submitted

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