Password Management API Use

Is the api at set-identity-password | SailPoint Developer Community meant to be able to change passwords in downstream systems or just the IDN local user password (if not using SSO)? I still need to do some testing but the with encryption stuff it’s not as straightforward so figured I would fail fast by asking this question first.

I have never used this API myself, but yes, I believe the intent is to support password changes for an identity across all of their accounts. Invoking this API should trigger the change password action for any connector that supports this operation.

I see you linked to the beta docs, but we now have a v3 equivalent here:

The docs for our v3 equivalent have much more information about changing the password.

Thanks Colin, that documentation was much better. I submitted a small correction on GitHub. I may have some further suggestions on the RSA encryption steps but will need to think about that some more.