Mover Event Trigger

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I have the requirement to configure Mover event depending upon the attribute change and then getting a certification created to the Manager. How to achieve this through Life cycle event features please explain. Which business process it should call and do we need to customize anything?

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If you are on 8.1p1 or above, you can install the Rapid Setup features, and make use of the “Mover” LCE that comes out-of-the-box. This LCE launches a Manager Certification when the Mover LCE is triggered. It lets you configure, per Application, if the Mover should include entitlements for that application into the Certification. You can also configure the conditions that will trigger the Mover, perhaps when the user’s manager, department or job title changes value.

If you are not using Rapid Setup, then you will have to create your own custom LifeCycle Event, IdentityTrigger Rule and Workflow or Certification Event

Hi Thank you for the response…

Could you please help with some sample custom workflow snippet so that will try to create one which will trigger on attribute change.


There is an out-of-the-box sample LifeCycle Event called “Manager transfer”, which launches a sample Workflow called “LifeCycle Event - Manager Transfer”. Check your Setup > Lifecycle Events menu to find these examples.