LDAP Connector Self Service Unlock Account Not Working

We have pass through authentication enabled for LDAP connector with our IIQ 8.1p4 instance and user password is only stored in LDAP. When we are entering 3 incorrect password ,account is getting locked at back-end. Unable to Unlock the account. Getting ,An error has occurred. Try again or contact your System Administrator.

No logs error,Can you please help on this?


Hi @Dharani_1 - welcome to the forums!

That ‘Error occurred - contact your system administrator’ can happen for a number of reasons.

When you attempt to unlock the account - is there a long pause from when you submit the request and when the error pops up in the UI? Or is it instant?

Do you have a provisioning plan on your LDAP application for ‘Unlock Account’ ?

Are there any SyslogEvents recorded for this (can view these in debug mode: debug->object ‘Select an Object’ → SyslogEvent)?