JDBC Error in Account Aggregation when Merging

Hi all,

I am facing an issue when aggregating from a JDBC connector in IIQ 8.1p5. This is the context:

I have already set up a working SQL query to retrieve all the users with their corresponding groups (that are in another table), and the aggregation works fine with this configuration. However, and since I get one register per user-group, I need to merge the data in SailPoint, so I set up the index column and the columns to merge (groups).

This configuration works perfectly fine when I try it with a ‘Preview’ from the account schema, and even when I try the account aggregation task. The issue is that, after properly aggregating the accounts with their corresponding groups, the task finishes in an error. Checking the logs I have found that it detects as if there were one additional account remaining to be read and it tries to iterate (although I have not configured the partitioning nor iteration).

So the behavior I am seeing is that the JDBC, when I set up the merging, tries to read one additional inexistent account and it fails. Has anyone faced this same issue? Thanks!

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Hi @ssaezbombin
Please provide with more information, including the configuration error message

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Hi @Jarin_James ,

Thanks for reaching out! I ended up changing the SQL query and the issue was gone.

Kind regards.

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