Issue downloading IDN Delimited File Template from identitynow-demo tenants

I am finding that I can not download the Account File Template for the Delimited File source in either my Partner or Dev instances that are in the identitynow-demo area. I checked a client instance in the area, and it is working.

The error:

{"detailCode":"400.1 Bad request content","trackingId":"<GUID>","messages":[{"locale":"en-US","localeOrigin":"REQUEST","text":"The request was syntactically correct but its content is semantically invalid."},{"locale":"en-US","localeOrigin":"DEFAULT","text":"The request was syntactically correct but its content is semantically invalid."}],"causes":[{"locale":"en-US","localeOrigin":"DEFAULT","text":"Only a source type, DelimitedFile, supports schema file download"}]}

To reproduce go to Admin → Connections → Sources → IdentityNow Admins → Import Data → Account File Template download button.

Created this Idea as well to allow for reporting problems through IDN itself:

When I compare the source type of the “IdentityNow Admins” source between a tenant from and a tenant from, I see a difference.

The source type from an tenant is Generic:

While the source type from an tenant is DelimitedFile Template.

That seems to be the root cause of this issue.

Is this issue only related to the “IdentityNow Admins” source, or are you seeing it for other delimited file sources you have created?

I just checked my developer tenant and it worked fine, but the IDN Admin source type is “Delimited File” (no “Template” added to the end).

@gmilunich - Curious if you can download the “Accounts” CSV file which should have the same exact format, but with data.

@colin_mckibben I have checked this with other file types as well. I just tested again with one from the Customized image provided by SP and see it with the other sources there of type Delimited File (See screenshot of the Badging one) Pressing “Download” takes me to that error.

@edmarks Thank you for pointing out that you could get the file from the “Accounts” tab if needed. That will be helpful for someone running into this same issue who needs that before this issue is fixed. I am aware that I can get to it from there, and should have mentioned that for others who might find this issue, however my intention was to point this out so it could be fixed since it was a bug.

@colin_mckibben I made another discovery. This appears to only happen with the Sources Provided by SailPoint in the IDN Tenants. If I create a new Delimited File Source, the issue is not present, which is likely why @edmarks was not seeing it in his tenant. Could it be possible that our images were stood up with incomplete sources?

I noticed that the IdentityNow Admins in both demo tenants I have access to show up as
Type: “DelimitedFile Template” and not Type: “Delimited File” also.

And this causes it to show up as "undefined in the grid view for sources:

For Reference, the “Badging” Source provided by SailPoint also had this issue, and shows correctly as Type: “Delimited File”

This is likely an issue with how the demo tenants are being provisioned. It appears they are using some sort of source template, which is causing the issue. I have opened a ticket (TSTRM-7774) to have this looked into.

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Thanks for following up on this Colin!

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