Is it possible to use a gMSA for the IQService Service Account?

We prefer to have our service account have its password auto rotate via a gMSA in AD, wondering if this is supported or if others have even tried.

Thank you!


Currently password rotation are not supported in IdentityNow. You would have to manually change the IQService Service Account password through source configuration.

It would be great if we could have such functionality in IdNow, you can open an idea on Ideas Portal

I don’t think its possible unless you built some kind of hook to automatically change the password at service level. Great idea though

I have submitted an idea.

Thank you, please put the link of the idea here, so that we could upvote it.

I will link the idea soon…

Below is the idea I submitted:

I don’t know why I have to post it here if I already took the time to submit to the Sailpoint system.

Wondering if anyone is looking…hmmm…

Keeping the faith and hopeful something will eventually be built!

It helps if users promote their own ideas by sharing it in their forum post. Otherwise, your idea may be lost in the crowd and not get many upvotes.

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What about password rotation in general? I could probably look this up, but is it possible to update credentials in source configs via API?

Right, so it would be great if SP can provide either documentation and/or guidance on this potential approach.

Looks like the idea I proposed is being slated to be worked on, so others that see this thread, please upvote the idea:


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