In Discovery: Account Management User Interface

Business Problem

Org Admins, Source Admins, and Source Sub-Admins must correlate millions of accounts to identities and ensure accounts are disabled, have entitlements removed, or are deleted during leaver events.

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SailPoint is building an account management UI that elevates accounts to a first-class object alongside roles, access profiles, and entitlements in the access navigation menu. Admins can use this UI to manage accounts across all sources.

We need your input on these topics.

  • Validate that we’ve picked the right default columns, filters, and sorting options.
  • Review the actions that we’ll support. Here are some that we’ve got in mind: Enable, Disable, Unlock, Aggregate, Delete, Manually Correlate, and Retry Auto-Correlation.

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Hi it would be really great for the Account Management to be available to a special role that would be availalbe either to a source owner or to the users for a particular department. That way we can decentralize account management tasks.

Hi @derb1 ,

Tell me more about your need. What would this account management role need to do with accounts? What actions would it take?