IDN Workflow Error - Manage Access (Add Access)

I am trying to add an Access profile using the step action “Manage Access” with the input json as shown below:

        "id": "08db00a4ec0a4c41a1678b41882436b2",
        "name": "Test-WordAP",
        "type": "ACCESS_PROFILE"

But on executing this workflow, I am facing the following error: “json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field ManageAccessInput.requestedItems of type infra.OutputAccessItem”

Manage Access Step


Appreciate any help on this issue, Thanks.

Hi Prashanth,

Manage access is intended to be used in conjunction with Get Access, which will correctly format the data for Manage Access. Try using Get Access to search for you access profile, then use the output of Get Access in Manage Access.

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