IDN Workflow error : get access is fetching access profiles as well as roles even when filter is on access profiles

Hi ,

I am trying to get access profiles via identity of a user to generate a campaign but upon execution the workflow is generating a campaign to with access profiles as well as roles which I don’t want to get included in campaign.

Is there any way to resolve this?

Welcome to the developer community Yatharth.

I am able to limit the results of Get Access to just access profiles. How did you configure your Create Campaign action?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for a fast reply.

Just as you mentioned i am able to limit the get access action to fetch data for access profiles and the step output shows the same result as well. But, the issue comes while generating campaign as soon as the campaign is generated and assigned to a user, they are able to see access profiles as well as roles.

This is the campaign definition

This will be the output result

The final campaign generated looks like this.

As you can see its showing roles as well as access profiles. Is there a possible way to remove roles from being displayed?

Trying to achieve same requirement. We only want to start certification with limited access and not all access for the identity.