Filter Access in Certification from Workflow


We have a workflow that Creates and Activated a certificaton campaign whenever an identity changes department. However, we would like to filter on the access that is being certified on. Is this possible somehow? For example if it would be possible to firstly retieve only access-profiles and roles for the identity to be certified via a “Get Access” action, and then link this one to the “Create Certification Campaign” action?


Appreciate all answers, thank you.

Hi Sebastian,

Please try setting certification type to “Access Certification” and then providing an “Access Filter” to specify the profiles you want to include in the certification. This may help address your use case in a simple way.

Hello Sharvari, thanks for responding!

It seems like selecting “Access Request” includes all access for all identities whereas in our case, we need to only certify access for 1 identity and filter on this identity’s access.

So an identity certification but where we’re able to exclude for example entitlements from that certification.

You may have to go with using Identity Certification in that case without any filtering option available for access.

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