Identity Search Bar Customization

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Version 8.3

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I’m trying to customize the type of information I can search for Identities, to do that I changed the code in the image of the UIConfig. Now when I try to search for any identity i get the following error: “An error occurred: The server response could not be evaluated”.

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Hi jnvr,
Do you have “newAttribute” present in identity object config?

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Hello, thx for the answer.
Yes, I have the new attribute (costCenter) declared in Object config.

But on screenshot there’s newAttribute not costCenter right?

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Yes, I was only anonymizing the attribute, that is the the actual attribute.

Can you check why the attribute is also a namedColumn and still extendedNumber is used?
Does this column added to database into a new Custom Column or not?

Check if there is any issue in extended attribute creation process.

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I don’t know if I’m understanding what your saying well, but that is an extended attribute. Anyway, I believe I’ve resolved the issue. I wasn’t able to use the attribute because it wasn’t searchable and later because there were no identities with values on the attribute in question (I tested with a different one).
This led me to other questions. Where in the code can I define an attribute as searchable(I only managed to change via UI)? Also, are there any restrictions on what attributes are capable of being searchable?


Searchable attributes are attributes that usually goes to a separate column in DB level, either in one of extended columns given by SailPoint OOTB or you can create a new column itself all together.

When you mark searchable a new column it will update the Object config attribute level for that object you can manually edit and add namedColumn if you want the values in a custom column

Please go through below for a better understanding if you have not gone through already

Managing Extended Attributes - Compass (

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Is this new attribute is marked as searchable while adding in Idenity Mapping ?

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