Identity Attribute Change - Event Trigger how to send mail

Hi, I am new to using IDN event trigger feature. I have configured one trigger for Identity Attribute Change. following is the configuration:

I see that if there is any change in user lifecycle attribute change, this event subscription log is getting updated, but its not sending any notification to me. Could you please tell me how can I use email template to send notification with user info.

Subscription log

  "subscriptionName": "IDM table Last TermDate attribute change Test",
  "subscriptionId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "triggerId": "idn:identity-attributes-changed",
  "startInvocationInput": {
    "triggerId": "idn:identity-attributes-changed",
    "contentJson": {},
    "input": {
      "identity": {
        "name": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "type": "IDENTITY"
      "changes": [
          "newValue": "T",
          "attribute": "employeeStatus",
          "oldValue": "A"
          "newValue": "2024-02-26 06:26:50.796761",
          "attribute": "terminationSetDate",
          "oldValue": null
          "newValue": "2024-02-26 06:26:50.796726",
          "attribute": "lastModifiedDate",
          "oldValue": "2024-02-26 06:17:15.28473"
          "newValue": "inactive",
          "attribute": "cloudLifecycleState",
          "oldValue": "active"
  "completeInvocationInput": {
    "localizedError": null,
    "output": null
  "completed": "2024-02-26T12:27:06.690312Z",
  "created": "2024-02-26T12:27:06.690309Z",
  "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "type": "REAL_TIME"

Hi Himanshu!

Can you try to send your request to a webhook and see what you are receiving?

If you have the workflow module I would suggest that you configure a workflow for a use-case like this one. Use the “Identity Attributes Changed” Workflow Trigger with the same filter as the one you are using in your Event Trigger, and send an email containing the information needed in the notification.

I suggested you to use workflow whit identity attribute change trigger and it’s very pratical. You can customized template.

Or if i understand you want to send data into your database ?

Event triggers don’t trigger email notifications by themselves. Event triggers will send data to a public web service that is configured to accept the events. The most common way to subscribe to SailPoint Event Triggers is to use SailPoint’s Workflows solution, which allows you to easily configure a workflow that listens to an event trigger and then performs one or more actions based on that event. If you do not have workflows, you can use a different low code tool, like Workato, Zapier, or Microsoft Power Automate. If you want to host a custom trigger listening service, then I recommend you check out this video presentation which covers all the details.