Send 'Lifecycle state change' Notification when Lifecycle state change


We have configured several Lifecycle states and we need send notifications when Lifecycle state change .We see that is possible to configure Notification List to send notifications to manager, Admins and especific emails, but for this case we need send these notifications to user who Lifecycle state have changed. Is there any way to configure this option by IdentityNow?

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Hello @ismaelmoreno1,

In the future, you may use workflows to do that, but in the meantime, you shall use Event triggers with an “Identity Attribute Changed” trigger, with a filter on the attributes.cloudLifecycleState:

Hello @yannick_beot , thanks for provide this solution. Using this option, It would be possible send this email template using IdentityNow API Rest to send params in the Template? or the unique option is using Workflows in the future? Thanks

Using this option, you can trigger any processing you want.
With this trigger, you can:

  1. Get the id of the identity from the payload of the event
  2. Look for the identity (for instance with get-public-identities | SailPoint Developer Community) to get the email of the identity, firstname, lastname
  3. Craft the body of the mail and send the mail

In the future workflows and ETS will coexist. The difference is that the workflow will be built-in IDN.

Thanks for this information, We would like use LCM email template. It would be possible sent notification invoking any API REST endpoint ?

We see that it possible send test notification using API REST, but it is not possible send notifications using LCM template
SailPoint - Beta SaaS API

Is there any other endpoint to send LCM template?