Identity Attributes Changed Event Triggers


We have created Identity Attributes Changed Event Triggers and added the below filter.

But it triggers other attributes, patientCareLevel, and description, which are not part of the filer. So is there any way that it should trigger only filter value?

  "_metadata": {
    "invocationId": "37b95c4c-75d2-42b4-840c-c5ca58e64316",
    "triggerId": "idn:identity-attributes-changed",
    "triggerType": "fireAndForget"
  "changes": [
      "attribute": "postalCode",
      "newValue": "80036",
      "oldValue": "75036"
      "attribute": "description",
      "newValue": "",
      "oldValue": null
      "attribute": "patientCareLevel",
      "newValue": "CC",
      "oldValue": "MD"
  "identity": {
    "id": "2c91808581fdab25018212c87ec541c2",
    "name": "7777777",
    "type": "IDENTITY"

Hi Prasantha,

This filter will trigger anytime the changes list includes an attribute called “postalCode”, even if there are other changed attributes in the list. Trigger filters don’t remove any data from the event, they just dictate when an event should be sent. The event will always be sent with everything that changed, even if you don’t need all of that data. Based on the example input you shared, this is the correct behavior.