How to send notification to user in specific time

Hi community!

I have a requirement to only send notification to user for account creation for a specific time.

For example, can only send between 9AM to 9PM. Any workaround on this?

Had tried on workflow on specific time, but workflow have limitation for getting max 100 users in search query.

Hi @jolan

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By default, IDN sends email notification whenever an account is created. If you are using that OOTB email templates then I don’t think you can schedule that. However you can control them through your HR Source aggregation schedule if user account created as a birthright. if it is manual request, no one will place a request after office hours rite.

You can disable this OOTB account creation email notifications.

Yes workflow has that limitation.

Alternative is, you can create a Powershell script and schedule it in your IQ Service server in such a way that emails are sent within some intervals of time.


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