Send email with API

Hello experts,

I’m automating the process of creating access profile via API and I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of sending notification to certain email id when an access profile is created.

Please let me know you ideas.

Hi @Sangavay,

IdentityNow doesn’t have an API to send emails, and there aren’t any templates that will send emails to an identity when an access profile is created. That being said, with a little custom programming you can leverage your company’s SMTP server to send emails. Assuming your company uses Outlook and you are using Node.js as your language, you can use nodejs-nodemailer-outlook - npm to send emails programmatically, as long as your company allows it from your account.

You can also use our SailPoint integrations for Workato and Zapier that makes interacting with SailPoint and other SaaS applications (like Outlook) much easier. We don’t support creating access profiles in Zapier or Workato yet, but if you are interested in using it then I can certainly add it for you.

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@Sangavay - This might be something that could be doable in the future using workflows coming later this year. Workflows will be able to send emails, and they should be able to be invoked by APIs too. Obviously I am talking about future stuff, that is subject to change. :grinning: