How to create an access token to access IIQ APIs in my local setup

Where I can found documentation to access IIQ APIs. I need to understand how to create the access token to access IIQ APIs.

I found the API to get users but I don´t found how to grant access in IIQ local enviroment.


Hey @alfredojr76, thanks for posting in the developer community!
I would check out your System Configuration Guide. There should be a brief API Authentication section in the System Configuration Guide product docs that describes the creation and management of OAuth clients

Hi @alfredojr76,

You have two kind of APIs.

  1. SCIM APIs: IdentityIQ API | SailPoint Developer Community
  2. REST APIs:

Hope, this helps.

Hey @alfredojr76, I hope these help you! The links shared above will also contain the information on which url you can use to make API calls in IIQ.

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