Enable API in IIQ

I am trying to access the APIs as detailed in this page
But getting 404 Not Found error

Just wondering what do I need to do so that the application starts serving API pages

From what I recall the API is there.
so http://localhost:port/<>/scim/v2/

where <> equals the path where IIQ is running so could be under /identityiq or if just running under the root folder you don’t need anything
and is the endpoint your after.

How are you attempting to access the API?


Hi @iamnithesh ,

There is no particular option to enable API in IIQ.As @karena mentioned you can try hitting the URL as mentioned in document. The endpoints are case-sensitive and can result in 404 error if there is a difference. Hence double check the endpoints.

You might receive unauthorized error if the identity you trying to use doesn’t have the appropriate permission. The SCIM Executor capability will provide rights to all the SCIM endpoints. Please find the document for reference - IdentityIQ Rights and Capabilities - Definitions - Compass (sailpoint.com)

If you are still unable to access the endpoints, check whether the application firewall is blocking it or not.

Also find a reference on IIQ REST API endpoints - IdentityIQ REST API Integration - Compass (sailpoint.com)

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I was using the following path in my API request
which apparently is not the right path

However, thanks for sharing this link which helped me resolve the issues

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