IIQ Password Interceptor rest API Call

We are currently developing against IIQ 8.1. We have a custom developed password validator/interceptor and want to call the SailPoint password interceptor rest service api to kick off the work flow inside of SailPoint. I found the following example:
POST http://xyzcorp.com/identityiq/rest/passwordIntercept
“application”:“Active Directory”,

However, when I call it with the correct variables in our environment using postman with authentication, I am receiving a 405 - method not allowed.

Is the rest api still valid in 8.1 or is there another method that should be used. I can only find scim api references here on the developer site. Thanks in advance for any help.

Have you tried calling the API to launch a Workflow and simply pass in the name of the Workflow and the application, identity and password as attributes?

POST http://localhost:8080/iiq/scim/v2/LaunchedWorkflows


We have not gone that route yet. It might be what we have to do so will try that next. Since the rest API was there, we were hoping to use that. Thank you for help.

Hey @twithers,

Was @PauloUrcid’s post able to help you? Let us know how it went!

@PauloUrcid @michael.ellis

Thank you both. We are able to call the workflow successfully via the rest API. We will look into calling it from the SCIM version soon.

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