How to create a ticket using ServiceNow ServiceDesk for some provisioning operations

We have recently started using ServiceNow service desk functionality in our upgraded 8.3 IIQ version, however we want to do ticket creation for certain provision operation like group management and not for password reset for a application integration, in the previous version, it used to be possible by setting the targetIntegration on the plan to trigger the integration config. The new 8.3 version is not like that, its tied to entire applications, so is there any other way that folks here were able to do that ?

I think you should be able to do that by specifying for which operations you want to trigger the IntegrationConfig. this is the entry in the IntegrationConfig I am referring to

This is a good idea, unfortunately when i tested password through Manage Passwords quicklink, it is coming as modify operation with password as the attribute request, so that wont work for my use case. but thank you for the suggestion.

HI @chaitanyav ,

Integration Config integration is now not support after 8.1, i believe you need to do it via new servicenow governance connector:

Please follow ServiceNow - Compass

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